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The Story of Murdoch Manor


In 1868 a man named Thomas J. Murdoch moved to New York to attend Columbia University to become a Dr. It wasn't long after he started his training that he discovered a fascination for the limits

of the human body. He loved to see how far bones and joints would bend before they broke. It wasn't long before he got tired of playing with the cadievers and moved on to living patients.  It was

rumored he would see how close to death he could  get a patient just to see if he could bring them back from the brink of death. It was also rumored in his surgical cases he would removed healthy

organs and tissues just to see if the patients could live without them.

Thomas Murdoch was kicked out of medical school in 1872. With all the rumors of the horrible things he was doing, strange smells coming from his quarters, and 4 bodies missing from the morgue it didn't take long before he was caught. When his quarters were searched they found the four bodies that were missing from the morgue as well as various body parts laying around on the floor. Some

of the bodies were skinned and the others were so mutilated that at first they couldn't tell how many bodies there were. The investigators asked him why he did these horrible things he just looked at them and said, "I just wanted to see what they looked like on the inside".

Before he could be charged with anything he fled to start a new life. He moved to Pittsylvania County, Va. in 1873 where he met and married Ellen Stevens. In 1875 he and Ellen had twins, Martha and Billy. He lived as family man and the local Dr. never telling anyone of his past.


In 1876, there was an unknown viral outbreak in the area. With an overwhelming amount of infected people on his hands he opened the Silent Acres Santuary for the Sick. This was a place that people from surrounding areas could bring their loved ones who were infected and leave them in hopes of being treated. After years of nothing but bad news to concerned family members the locals began to get

frustrated with James. Out of frustration his old ways returned and he started doing experiments on the infected.


Something snapped inside him when his wife and children died in 1882. He started searching for anyone who knew anything about alternitive medicine and even black magic. He left for New Orleans and

in 1890 met up with psycho vodoo preist Obadiah Larue. Obadiah came back to live in Virginia with Murdoch. Obadiah Larue had convinced Murdoch that he could transfer the spirits of his wife and children into other living bodies.


Once they arrived back in Virginia, the women and children started vanishing all over the county. The following year one of the many children he had kidnapped escaped and went into the town. The

child told the police and the locals what Murdoch and Obadiah Larue were doing at the Murdoch manor. It wasn't long after that a large angry mob headed to the manor. When they arrived Murdoch was

in his procedure room torturing a woman. The mob rushed over, realeased the woman and captured Murdoch. He was hung in a tree near his cemetary. They searched for Obadiah Larue but never found him. The next morning Murdoch's body was gone and never found.


It has been said that to this day you can still hear Obadiah Larue chanting and doing rituals. Men who hunt in the woods say that in the mornings they can find dead animals and smoke outside Laruie's cabin. It has also been said that Obadiah Larue brought back Thomas so they could continue their work.

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