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FAQ for 43 nightmares, haunted houses in virginia

Will you be open if it rains?

If it is a light rain or a drizzle we will remain open. If there is lightening or heavy rain we will close.

What if you close and I have already bought a ticket?

If you have already purchased a ticket and we close you will be issued a raincheck. There will be no refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What payment methods do you accept?

At this time we accept cash only.

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Will there be security on site?

There will be security as well as local police on site.

Is there anything I can't bring to the haunt?

There are NO guns, knives, or weapon of any kind allowed on the premises. There will also be NO ALCOHOL allowed.

Can I take pictures?

You may bring your camera and you may take pictures while waiting. Once you have begun the haunt you will NOT be permitted to take pictures. Taking pictures will ruin the mood and atmosphere for other customers. The flash may also hurt the eyes of ther customers as well as workers.

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Will the actors touch me?

No. Our actors are trained not to touch any customers for any reason. They will NOT grab or touch you unless your are bumped by accident. In return, we ask that you do not touch the actors, staff, or the props.

Can I bring my kids?

You are more than welcome to bring your children. We ask that you do not bring babies. The path may be uneven at times and with all indoor/outdoor haunts there is a trip hazard. Please know that the haunt will be scary and may have some graphic scenes so use your best judgment. You know your child so we leave it to your discretion just remember that there are no refunds. We do require that there be supervision by an adult.

Can I come if I am pregnant?

43 Nightmares does not recommend that your proceed through the haunt if you are pregnant.

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Who should not come to the haunt?

If you are pregnant, have heart conditions, or are in poor health we do not recommend that you go through the haunt. There may be some strobe lighting so if you have a seizure disorder please be aware of this.

Are there things that I can't bring with me?

Please do not bring pets, infants, knives, guns, weapons, valuables, flishlights, laser pointers, or alcohol. We will not be responsible or any lost or stolen items.

Will there be concessions available?


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Frequently Asked Questions

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