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1955 Birch Creek Rd
Keeling, Va. 24566

Come see why we are Rated #1 the Haunted House in Virginia by!

Our Attractions


(All attractions included in ticket price)

Hilltop Asylum

Set in the 1950's, this asylum has been overtaken by the patients that were treated here. Do you have what it takes to survive?

The Disorienter 

One of a kind 40 foot double barrel spinning tunnel. Each 20 foot barrel spins in a different direction. Can you make it through without being disoriented?

Murdoch Cemetery

     Who knows what undead creatures you will find as you navigate through the cemetery and mausoleums.

Highway to Nowhere

Take a trip with some of Hilltop Asylum's escaped mental patients on a bus all while listening to their favorite heavy metal tracks. 

The Bayou

Welcome to the swamps of Louisiana where the dangers can range from hungry reptiles to coming in contact with a voodoo priest. 

3D Nightmare

Massive indoor 3D maze for all you clown lovers. See your fears in a new way with your free pair of 3D glasses.